Sunday, 27 November 2016

The Love of Plants

I have always had a passion for plants. You wouldn't know it at the moment by looking at my garden. It is dry. The grass is 'crispy'. The pots tired and the shrubs struggling to look healthy. Only some of this is due to my current woes and pains. The weather is terribly dry and summer is upon us. Watering by hand every day can only do so much and rain is sorely needed.  

For the first time in months, I spent enough time in the garden for it to be noticeable. I have tidied up the front rockery; turned over the soil; sprayed wetta soil on it and covered it in sugar cane mulch. I also planted a few new plants. It is only a little rockery but my feeling of satisfaction carried me through the day.

I will share my plant stories with the world, because plants give me beauty and I can't resist them. This is a photo of a gerbera. I bought it for John during my trip to the nursery this week. It is the most striking scarlet red with beautiful lush green leaves. Gerberas are one of John's favourites. 

So check back in often to see how my plants are growing.


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