Sunday, 27 November 2016

4 Weeks Until Christmas

It's Time to Find Clothes to Wear to Christmas Gatherings 

Have you already picked out your outfits for all the Christmas functions?
Time is running short.The shops are getting hectic.
Don't delay any longer. Disappointing as it may be, it is doubtful  you get thinner, more toned or more buffed in the next three weeks.
Now is the time to pick something that you feel really good in. 

So, what to wear?

My plans usually start out with an idea to wear stilettos, something figure hugging and stunning with a fancy hairdo. By the time the day finally arrives, I am rearranging my wardrobe looking for something vaguely modern to go with my kitten heels. The work Christmas dinner is an example of this. I was going to wear my blue satin, figure hugging "wedding dress" and strappy black sandals. Why is it called a wedding dress? Because so far, I have worn it to two weddings and my graduation. When the evening came, I wore my slightly Indian looking dress and matching orange wedges. Much more comfortable. Much more me. 

There are times to glam up and there are people that love to glam up and look absolutely fabulous but wear something that feels like 'you.' It is possible to still make a statement and feel comfortable. Many years ago I bought a pair of lime green jeans from the secondhand shop. I paired them with a black cheesecloth top and black sandals. Boy, did I create a stir, but I felt very comfortable and at home in my clothes. 

I studied Google for advice about what to wear to Christmas gatherings. Here is what I found.
  • If you tend to be a messy eater, wear something patterned or at least not white.
  • If you will be outside, wear a hat. 
  • If you will be crawling around under the Christmas tree looking for presents, wear jeans, shorts or leggings.
  • If you like tradition, wear red and green.
  • If you want to be chic, wear a dress.
  • If you love jeans, wear them and dress them up with a sparkly top.
  • If you love jewellery, spend a few dollars and buy yourself some costume jewellery. The choices are endless.
  • If you are planning to eat and drink a lot, wear something that gives you room to grow.
  • If you will be standing a lot, pick your shoes carefully. Stilettos don't look sexy if you also have a tortured look on your face.     

Remember, Christmas should be fun, not a fashion contest. 

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