Sunday, 20 November 2016

5 Weeks Until Christmas

It is time to take stock of your Christmas decorations.

Get out your lights, Christmas tree, decorations and garden ornaments. You may have lovingly packed them up last Christmas but now is the time to see if they were worth packing away for another year. Is it time that the pine cones that you painted with 'snow' many years ago are laid to rest? 

At our home we love outside lights but they have a mysterious habit of breaking after they are packed away in the top cupboard. In the privacy of their boxes, the bulbs seem to blow and the transformers seem to divorce their lights. Countless hours have been spent searching for the broken bulb and trying to bend the rope lights in just the right place to make them light up. Buy some more! Simple. There are hundreds in the shops.  

Plastic Christmas trees are great but eventually, they lose the excitement of the festive season and just smell like old plastic. There are many more creative ways to have a 'tree.'

Go for a drive to the country for a dead branch and make a beautiful sculptural tree. 

Not much room? How about a 2D tree.

Feeling a bit crafty? Try some of these. 

Know a plumber? This is made of PVC pipe and decorations you probably already have. 

Love the natural look? Raw timber is always a favourite of mine. 

If you want something natural and signifying new life and growth, take a trip to the nursery and buy a plant you love the look of. Any plant can be decorated, from the finest of ferns to tall, invincible palms.   

Now is the time to plan and get creative with your Christmas decorations. Turn up the carols and get crafty!


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