Sunday, 30 October 2016

8 Weeks Until Christmas

Hello again.

This name of this photo is "beach-beverage-caribbean." It is here because I think there is something in the photo for everyone. Do you feed revitalised after a day at the beach? Would a holiday on an exotic island be great right now and who doesn't benefit from a delicious drink in a curvaceous long-stemmed glass?  

The post this week is about self-care at Christmas. This is a time to do something just for yourself. It doesn't mean that you don't care for your family less and I don't infer that you should ignore them and go your own way but make time for yourself. 

Now is the time to plan what you want to do so that you will not forget yourself when the Christmas panic really sets in. There are squillions of things you can plan that will renew your energy and give you the resilience you need to be bright and sparkly through Christmas.

Have a night or two away with someone you love.  

I have just spent the weekend at the beach with John. The weather was glorious. The food delicious and it was time to take a few deep breaths, relax and spend time together.
I recommend it to anyone. 

Why not plan a night or two away? Book it in so you can look forward to it. 

Buy a good book to read or a couple of DVDs.

A bit of escapism is good for everyone.  

Plan to catch up with an old friend.

It is very easy to lose touch with friends 
without realising it and before long, the years are rolling
by and you can't remember when you last spoke to them.

Give them a call and plan a coffee catch up, a meal out
or a trip to the movies.

Get to know someone new.

Do you have a work colleague who you 
would like to get to know better.
Make the first move and have a coffee with them. 

Try a new recipe.

Be daring and try cooking something that scares you just a bit. Practice it a few times. Treat the family like guinea pigs.
You never know, it might make it onto the Christmas table.
There is still time to plan all of these activities ready for Christmas.

I have found a fabulous website owned by Marquita that is dedicated to emotionally resilient living. It has some great articles. The most recent one that I have read recommends putting time in your calendar for yourself. So, I have made appointments with myself in my work calendar. These half hour appointments I devote to going for a walk, shutting my office door to read a book or eat my lunch in peace. My days are more manageable and I go home less tired and frazzled each day. Here is the link to her article about self-care. 

Why Self-Care is Critical to Your Success

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