Sunday, 16 October 2016

10 Weeks Until Christmas

It is only TEN weeks until Christmas. 

This is about the time, every year that I get agitated about Christmas. Why? I am not sure really but it always seems so much effort. It's not like it sneaks up on us; the Christmas decorations have been in the shops for weeks and our letterboxes are already at risk of workplace injuries from trying to hold up the weight of all the catalogues being forced into their letter sized slots. 

So what is Christmas really about? Well, it means many different things, such as:

  • a break from work
  • a time to eat and drink too much
  • a time to reflect on the year past and start thinking of New Year's resolutions that you know you probably won't keep
  • a time to catch up with family and long missed friends
  • a time to cook your favourite recipe or try something new
  • gifts under the Christmas tree
  • endless Christmas carols at the shops
  • lamenting a lack of funds to buy the gifts you wish to buy
  • a time of increased loneliness
  • a day at the beach
  • a celebration of the birth of Jesus, the son of God.
This year, I have decided to tackle Christmas rather than let it drive over me like a ride on mower. I will be organised and realistic about what it means to me and what I am expecting from it. Each week I will post my tips for how to make Christmas what it should be regardless of faith or situation. It should be relaxing and a time to connect to others.

Helping me will be Annabelle my alter ego. She is the creation of my beloved partner John. Not only is he creative and talented, he understands me so well that the facial expressions he draws really do tell how I am feeling. 

So I invite you to come along for the countdown to Christmas. 
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Until next week..................



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