Sunday, 11 December 2016

Two Weeks Until Christmas

Is Christmas at your house this year? If it is, then it is time to make your house look fabulous. 

This is my friend Angela's house. It looks amazing doesn't it. Christmas lights are beautiful and I will never achieve this magnificent display but I have a few to create the festive spirit.

There is no need to knock yourself out with cleaning. A few simple tricks and cheats will create a tidy house that looks clean and inviting. 

1. Start with the entry.
Remove all the shoes, dog water dishes and dead leaves.

Hang a decoration on the front door, it will distract them from the dirty window beside the door.

2. Speed tidy with baskets and boxes.
Put all loose items that are not in their correct place in a basket or box in the room that they belong in. Clear tables, cupboards and bench tops make a house look tidy and spacious.
If they are in common rooms, take 10 minutes to quickly put items where they belong. 
Shut the bedroom door.  

3. Fluff up the cushions and throw rugs in your lounge room. It's a quick trick and will make your house look like a hotel suite.

4. Clear the junk off the fridge door. Fridge magnets are cute but make the place look cluttered and can be dirty. Shopping lists and favourite recipes can be stored in a drawer during the Christmas visits.

5. Wipe down surfaces. This one is worth the effort and will remove hairs, dust, fluff and coffee cup rings. 

6. Vacuum the common areas. Nothing makes a house look spotless more than freshly vacuumed carpets.

7. Clean the toilet. Please.

8. Hang a clean tea towel in the kitchen and clean towels in the bathroom.

9. Buy some fresh flowers or a pot plant. Plants make a house look fresh and natural.

10. Smile and fuss over your guests. They will be dazzled by your attention and won't even notice the remaining mess. 

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