Sunday, 4 December 2016

Hibiscus - A Life in a Day

In September last year, we visited the new water park at Springfield, between Brisbane and Ipswich. We had visited the park several times before to go walking and relax. It has beautiful gum trees, lots of open space, water features and electric barbecues. It is a lovely spot for a barbecue breakfast on a cool winter morning. 

While we were there, these beauties caught my eye. I had no idea what they were but decided I could not live without one in my garden. The flowers looked a bit like Hibiscus but the leaves were high gloss and leathery and not the usual shape. The flowers were at least 10 cm (4 inches) across. 

After much searching, I made the discovery. It is an Australian Native Hibiscus produced by a nursery called "aussie colours." According to their website (, it comes in eight colours. I think the one at Springfield is an Aussie Pink, but I didn't really care, any would be great.  

I found an Aussie Delight at the local Bunnings. It is the most delicate pink and has the same huge flowers.  

The thing that has previously put me off hibiscus is that each flower lasts only a day. This seems a waste to me- to have such beauty for such a short time. 

I decided to photograph my Aussie Delight as it gifted me a flower one day. It started to open at about 10am and was completely closed by 5pm. A short life but a beautiful life. 

The day after I created this collage, my Aussie Delight gifted me another flower so I took more photos of the bud opening. 

Now I am on the lookout for some of the other varieties. 

I recommend you visit the park lands at Springfield. Here is a short video of the gardens and the water park. 

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