Sunday, 4 September 2016

My First Post

I have decided to write a Blog!

Why? Because I have always wanted to.

Why has it taken me so long? Because I had no idea what to write about.

Now I have a reason. I have been diagnosed with adhesive capsulitis. 
FFS for short. It stands for F****** Frozen Shoulder but that's not a pleasant name for a blog so it stands for "Fifty Fabulous Stories."

It's a good name because the blog isn't about my frozen shoulder. It's about my insights, the strategies I use and actions I take to continue to enjoy life while the FFS tries to take over my life (and loses!)

Here you will find book reviews, pretty pictures, tasty recipes, health tips and anything else I find useful in life at the moment. HAPPY READING and check back soon for another post.
~~< Anne >~~


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