Monday, 2 January 2017

2017 will be called "Slim 17."

If you have followed my advice, you will not have written resolutions for the New Year. If the conversations I have had with friends in the last few weeks are any indication, most don't believe that they would carry them out if they actually make them. 

I have however, decided to call the year of 2017, "Slim 17." My intention is to slim down my life so that I enjoy it more and get less hung up on things that don't matter or are too complex to manage everyday. There is not a set of resolutions, actions or goals attached to this; just make life simpler by slimming down the chunky bits. 

Some examples. I am sure you can relate to at least one of these.

  • Get rid of all the little, weedy pot plants and keep just a few that with love and care will grow to be big and beautiful.
  • Take the neglected plant out of the second bathroom. You only notice it when it is need of serious resuscitation. A plant is not necessary in a bathroom. 

  • Don't buy another hat. One 'wear anywhere' hat that you feel comfortable and attractive in is enough.

  • Keep your phone charger in one place. There is enough time in your life to allow your phone to charge in private and it will save time looking every time your phone needs charging.

  • Declutter. Even one drawer or shelf will give you more space to think.

  • Write down the good stuff so that your brain has less time to think about the difficult stuff. Every day, write a good thought or something good that happened on a little piece of paper and put it in a jar. Empty the jar at the end of 2017 and read what a wonderful year it has been.   

  • Read one book at a time. Unless you are one of those lucky readers who can keep up with the plot of several books at once.

  • Say 'no.' Think about whether or not you are able to do what is asked and then if you are willing before you say 'yes.' 

  • Take time to enjoy your world. Spend 10 minutes a day looking at the plants, flowers, clouds and moon. There are magnificent sights to be seen every day. This is what the world looks like if you open your eyes.
  • Courtesy of Nora's nature walk
  • Move! Anything is great. My current exercise is watering the garden. 

Thank you Malathar for the dragon.

  • Check out other's ideas for 10 Simple Ways to Live Happy, Wild and Free

  • Connect with friends in real life rather than clicking an emoji on their Facebook posts. My great friend Di, meets with one friend each month that she doesn't see regularly. I am Miss January and I am really looking forward to catching up with her. 

    Best wishes for 2017. It can be great. Try something different. Believe in yourself. 

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